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There may be some political, religious or straight up offensive stuff in here. Try not to take it serious, if you really know me you know its just something that made me laugh and it’s not a slight against you or anyone you may know. If you don’t like it you can always stop watching me and we can forget this ever happened.

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I only reblogged this for the bing dress


it got better

oh my god

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my boyfriend sent me this at 4 in the morning 

im deleting

I found this funnier than I should have XD

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Iron Giant Ready to Rock by wagadog

The costume was made to be at a nighttime party outdoors - so that all the black I was wearing would disappear into the background.


-screams louder-

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Visual Communications 4 project:
Character designs and Key frames presenting a redesign for Super Mario Bros. in which Princess Peach, aided by a mysterious Toadstool Merchant, sets off on an adventure to rescue Mario from the evil Bowser!

This project was a lot of fun for me! I wanted to really push myself with the shapes and proportions of characters and try a different style. Usually my work tends to be on the cutesy and conservative side so this time I wanted to make something a bit edgy and tongue-and-cheek. It was fun re-imaging a series that I’ve grown up with and finally giving Peach the spotlight. (We won’t mention the DS game they made for her….)

Thanks for playing!

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